About Gallipoli

The Gallipoli campaign of 1915 was an allied attemp to knock Ottoman Turkey out of world war I and reopen a supply route to Russia.The inital plan, proposed by british Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill,called for an Allied force mostly Australian, New zelalander (Anzac) and British to force the Dardanelles strait and then to steam to Istanbul to dictate peace terms.They began the campaign convinced that the dardenelles would fall in one month.The Royal Navy Ships of Great Britian began bombarding the Turkish batteries at the entrance to the strait on march 18,1915.Lands battles started on April 25,1915 and continued intermittently until March 12,1916.


Anzac Soldiers

Ancac day is the keystone of the Identity,for an entire nation, not only Australia,but for New Zealand as well.They were both newly declared a Federation, and steped up to the call for what was right, and met it head on with courage,fortitude of strength and friendship not often witnessed on the battle field. They put the term for a patiot, to a whole new meaning.There valour proved the worth of an entire nation and has not soon been forgotten, with commemeration cerimonies beginning the very year after the first landing in Turkey,honoring those that died for there country.Anzac Day could be considered a day to remember those that have been lost, but in truth it is a day to remember how the very best of man kind can come together and carved out the identity of a great nation.Leaders of nations such as Ataturk have said things like this about the soldiers that died at Anzac.

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