Nemrut Tour 3 Days

Nemrut Tour 3 Days

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Tour Itinerary

3 days 2 nights NEMRUT TOUR.
1.Day :
The tour starts from göreme at 80.30 a.m. The first destination of the tour is Karatay Kervansaray. When we arrive there, we will see the second highest mountain of the Turkey Erciyes as well. We will stay there nearly 30 minutes and the wiil give you information about the Karatay kervansaray. After that, we will have a long way until the lunch. The lunch time is 14.00 p.m. after lunch we will taste the most famous and delicious ice cream of the Turkey Maraş ice cream. Later we will arrive at the hotel at 17.00 p.m in Adıyaman. we will wake up at 02.00 a.m. So, it is beter to sleep early. 
2.Day :
We will wake up 02.00 a.m. we will go to the nemrut mountain. The departure time 02.30 a.m. İt takes nearly one hour by bus. When we arrive there we will have some coffe or tea. After resting, we will start to climb nemrut mountain to catch the sunrise. Climbing takes about 30 or 45 minutes. When we reach the paek (2150 m.), an amazing wiew will welcome us. After watching sunrise, the guide will give you information about the 8. Wonder of the world, the highest tumulus ever, the nemrut mountain and the highest point of the Kommagene Kingdom. And you will also see the statues of the Gods of the Kingdom. After that we will back to bus and arrive the Arsemia Ancient City. There we will see the anthiochos (the king of the kommagene) and some Gods while shaking. Next destination is cendere bridge ( called also the Septimus Severus Bridge). After that we will back to hotel for breakfast. after breakfast we will go to the city of the prophets Şanlıurfa. The departure time is 09.30 a.m. On the way we will also visit the biggest dam of the Turkey, The Atatürk Dam. Our next destination is Harran, so we are in the Mezopotamia region. As you know it is the oldest settlement place of the world between Euphrates and Tigris. There we will see the beehive shape houses. And we will see the oldest settlement place of humanbeing, The Göbekli Tepe. A place nearly 12 thousand years old. Letar we will back to city center for lunch at 14.00 p.m. after lunch we will see the Fish Lake, Ayn Zeliha Lake, Urfa Castle, Birthplace of Abraham Prophet and Urfa Bazaar. After that we will check-in the hotel at 17.00 p.m.
3. Day :
We will wake up at 07.00 a.m. the first destination is Birecik the town of the Urfa. There we will see the bald ibis birds which are on the verge of extinction. Later we will go to the Gaziantep to see the second biggest mozaic muzeum of the Turkey ZEUGMA. We will stay there nearly 45 minutes. After that we have a very long way to Maraş, the ice cream place again. Afterwards, we will stop at the same lunch place at 14.00 p.m. after lunch we will back to Göreme.
The tour include hotels, ticket fee, english speaking guide, bus with AC, ice cream.



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